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Monday, November 5, 2018

[NS1][PS4-1] Western Release Launch Window Update Post

Turns out we need a Launch Window Update Post because there may not be just one or two obvious updates we should be aware of.

NS1 Song List / PS4-1 Song List
Last update: November 3 2018
No. of Updates: [NS1] 2 / [PS4-1] 6

[PS4-1] UPDATE 6: We have enough information to tie up both loose ends on the DLC, and this should be the end of this update post unless further development happens.
6a. Reconfirming the PlayStation Store entries, most storefronts state that there is a total of 31 songs, even though the breakdown adds up to 32. We are going to chalk it up to Namco not proofreading the maths.
6b. Thanks to Yuuyatails (Discord) for finding that the rest of the NA DLC lineup is completely run across by this stream by BlueMaxima (YouTube) (about 2:29 to 3:32). Instead of showing you what's in, we'll say that the ones that are not in compared with the original Japanese version are:
X CoroCoro Comics 40th Anniversary Song
X Taiko Drum Monster
X Dangan Notes
With that, we are closing this update post. Thanks guys for the info!

[PS4-1] UPDATE 5: Sorry guys but this journey is not over for Drum Session. Yuuyatails (Discord) and Nabix (Discord) has separately confirmed with North American players (i.e. US and Canada) that NA version has the DLC songs separately available in the in-game DLC section but neither the "Expansion Pack" or Deemo Pack on the PS Store. This footage found by Nabix shows briefly the start and end of the list:
- Koi
- Silent Majority
- Be the One
- crossing field
- Baby, please kill me! (Kill Me no Baby)
- Connect
- Don't say "lazy"
- Senbonzakura
- ...
- Yuugen no Ran
- Infinite Rebellion
- Ryuu to Kokuen no Himegimi

Meanwhile Kayan890 (Discord), Australian using the European copy, cannot enter the in-game DLC section but has the option to buy those two packs. I guess we need people to state their region when they provide further info now.

[PS4-1] UPDATE 4: Turns out we've had to wait less time than expected for the Expansion Pack's full content to be fully revealed! ... sorta. Thanks to a couple of textual tips from a couple of our readers (Kuroko from this very post's comment section and Kayan890 from the Taiko Discord server), we know the content of the 32-fold expansion pack for overseas players, minus one song. The list goes out as follows, with the use of the English-localized games whether possible:

-Don't Say Lazy
-Baby, please kill me
-Crossing field

- Necrofantasia- Arr.Demetori
- Yawaraka Tank

-Surfside Satie
-Pavane for a dead Princess ~kimi no kodou

-Doom Noiz
-New World

Namco Original
-Purple Rose Fusion
-Ryogen no Mai
-Ai to Jouzai no Mori
-White Rose Insanity
-Tokyo Tokkyo Kyo Kyokakyoku Kyokuchou!!
-Ignis Dance
- Taiko-Zamurai
-Kissa Rain
-HARDCORE no Kokoroe
-Kurukuru Kurokkuru
-Black Rose apostle
-Blue Rose Ruin
-Ryuu to Kokuen no Himegimi

[PS4-1] UPDATE 3: This German tweet showed us the first known song for the elusive "Expansion Pack" being Yawaraka Sensha. 1/32 (sigh this could take a while)

[NS1] UPDATE 2: From Reddit's r/TaikonoTatsujin we have textual report that NS1 also has two free Performance Characters (Gold Don-chan, Nekoko & Tomomo) and three paid DLC song packs (Ghibli, Vocaloid and Touhou). Shinkalion Pack is missing.

[NS1] UPDATE 1: This very quick person on Twitter, who already snatch a copy of NS1, showed the world that the individual Classical DLCs were already available at 0.99 euro apiece.

[PS4-1] UPDATE 2: Meanwhile in the DLC front, while not making the Donder Pack line available in the exact same form, the western audience can opt to buy an "Expansion Pack" of 32 31 songs for 24.99 pounds (or equivalent). The PlayStation Store description (linked is EN-GB) only mentions the distribution by genre but not the actual list. The DEEMO Pack is also available as with Asia. Thanks Yuuyatails (Discord) for the find.

[PS4-1] UPDATE 1: Following the peculiar discovery from the announcement tweets by western official outlets, Theme of Ryu really is missing from the base song list of the western release. Thanks SpottyBlue (Discord) for reporting after seeing this from a livestream.


  1. Here is the full list for PS4 Expansion Pack

    - Don't Say Lazy
    - Connect
    - Baby, please kill me
    - Crossin field

    - Necro Fantasia- Arr.Demetori
    - Yawara Tank

    - Surfside Satie
    - Doka Doka
    - Pavane for a dead Princess ~kimi no kodou

    - Doom Noiz
    - New World
    - Saika (Deemo DLC)

    - Purple Rose Fusion
    - Ryogen no mai
    - Toryu
    - Ai to jouzai no mori
    - White rose insanity
    - Shiuryu
    - Tokyo Tokyo Kyo Kyokakyoku...
    - Freeway3234
    - Ignis Dance
    - Taizo Zamurai
    - Amaterasu
    - Kissa Rain
    - Karyu
    - Hardcore no kokoroe
    - Kuru kuru kurokkuru
    - Black Rose apostle
    - Sakura exhaust
    - Blue Rose Ruin
    - Haryu
    - Ryu to kokuen no himegimi

  2. Thanks for the credits, you are a great source of information since I started playing on Switch, I'm glad I could help.
    So we are still missing one, and if we compare to the Playstation Network description it should be a classical song, could it be locked as a trophy for some completion ?

    1. Thanks again for the tip-off! And there hasn't been any DLC song that needs additional unlocking after purchase. (except Katsu to Mariko no Ekaki Uta in 3DS2 but that is not an official listed song)

  3. Regarding update 5, I'm french using European version and I confirm I cannot access in-game DLC section, and only had the option to buy the full expansion and get Deemo free DLC.
    Looking at the PS4 game menu I can see 33 expansion items donwloaded, 2 from Deemo : Saika Song and Deemo and the little girl customization item, and then only 31 songs item from the pack not 32

    1. https://store.playstation.com/fr-fr/product/EP0700-CUSA11106_00-EXPANSIONPACK000

      "Amuse-toi tambour battant grâce à l'Expansion Pack et accède à 31 chansons extraordinaires !

      Ce pack inclut :
      - 20 chansons originales de Namco
      - 2 chansons de jeu vidéo
      - 4 chansons d'animation japonaise
      - 2 chansons fantaisistes
      - 4 chansons classiques "

      Two differents informations, the total number of song is said to be 31, but the added total is 32. So it might be only 31 in the end.

  4. Anyone knows if NA's PS4 Drum Session will ever get some DLC? I actually imported the game with the HORI drum from Japan, but my game shows no DLC whatsoever. Time to get a Japanese PSN account?

  5. Nintendo Switch version DLCs in the store today (10 November 2018):

    Pops Pack (3.99€):
    - Sayonara Elegy
    - U.S.A - DA PUMP
    - Koi - "Nigeruha hajidaga yakuni tatsu"

    STUDIO GHIBLI pack (4.99€):
    - Carrying You - Castle in the Sky
    - My Neighbod Totoro - Ending Theme Song
    - Rougeno Dengon - Kiki's Delivery Service
    - A Town with an Ocean View - Kiki's Delivery SErvice
    - Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

    VOCALOID Pack (4.99€):
    - Senbonzakura - Kurousa P feat. HATSUNE MIKU
    - Charles - ballon feat. flower
    - ASUNO YOZORA SHOKAIHAN - Orangestar feat. IA
    - HATSUNE MIKU No Shoushitsu - Genkijouban
    - Character: HATSUNE MIKU

    TOHO project pack (3.99€):
    - Night of Knights / Knight of Nights
    - Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze
    - Kero9 Destiny

    Single songs (0.99€):
    - Toy Symphony
    - Symphony No.25 in G minor - First move. Wolfgag Amadeus Mozart
    - Symphony No.7 - Ludwing van Beethoven
    - La Campanella - Franz Liszt
    - Hungarian Dance No.5 - Johannes Brahms
    - Requiem - Dies Irae. Giuseppe Verdi
    - March from the Nutcracker - Pyor Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    - Jupiter - Gustav Holst
    - Montagues and Capulets - Sergei Prokofiev

    Free DLCs:
    Character Nekoko & Tomomo.

  6. I discovered yesterday in regards to the Switch version - I don't know if it will ring true for the song DLC, but the Gold Don Chan isn't available on the Australian or UK eshops.

    I swapped my region to North America where it is available and downloaded, after that it merged into the DLC file already there from the cats free character (which I downloaded from my local Australian account, my copy of Taiko was also bought from AU eshop) and became playable for me on my original save file.

    It didn't create a separate icon just for that DLC/update data.

    It's possible Taiko on Switch (at least between the English versions) is one of few that doesn't care what region the game or DLC is from.

    1. Gold Don Chan isn't available on the Spain eshop.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.