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Thursday, August 9, 2018

[NSwitch-PS4/West] - Base Song List Confirmation and Available Bundles

Dispelling all the not-sourced fluff from general-gaming-media websites from the last few days, we finally have some official word on the localized Taiko no Tatsujin game releases from Bandai Namco itself! The first aspect to talk about is the games' song list, which has just be confirmed to be the very same one from the original JP/General Asia release of the respective games! This is also confirmed to be the case for the US versions of the games (sources for Taiko PS4 and Taiko NSwitch).

The tweet from the company's UK branch also lets us know the available versions of the two games in Europe as a whole: Drum Session!/Session de Dodon ga Don will only be available as a digital title, while the Nintendo Switch's Drum 'n' Fun! will be released both digitally and physically, complete with the dedicated Taiko drum set peripheral as well! For the time being, nothing about the US version of the Switch game's release variants seems to have been stated as of now.

EDIT: We forgot to mention in the main news body that some tracks are not being listed for both game releases' US/EU tweets; more specifically, Game Music track Theme of Ryu for Drum Session is not appearing... Are those infographic mistakes or are the higlighted tracks not coming at all for the West? Also minor mistake that the "~GEAR UP~" subtitle is wrongly put to Carnation/Oranda Nadeshiko in the Switch song list.

For the time being, thanks to Taiko Discord user Yuuyatales for the find!

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