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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Taiko Goofs: The Returns of the Rise of the Dummy Version Strikes Back

Ooooh boy we are back at it again with the "Dummy Version" (ダミーバージョン). Last time it correctly predicted Taiko Drum Monster, so what are we up to this time?

For this round of unhinged cabinet data going haywire as discovered by @d_bluewil in their July 11 evening trip to the arcades, not only are we having zombie songs making a phantom return (in which it immediately switches into another song when selected, [source] feat. Hikyou Sentai Urotander), we are also having two three songs that should not have appeared on AC0 Blue ver.'s normal song list yet:

太陽系デスコ Taiyoukei Death-co (NayutalieN) [source] NEW?
GERMINATION [source] Arcade debut?
 Hikari no Kanata e (ヒカリノカナタヘ) [appearing in the top-video]

For what generally happens when a "Dummy Version" is spotted in the wild like red "Dummy Data" blocks, blotched genre sorting and more, check out the coverage when we first encountered it here.

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