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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Song of the Week! 14 July 2018

Less than a week is left from the next big console Taiko game's release! With that in mind, here's one song for today that is coming from the previous title.

 Tongachin (トンガチン) Kimitaka Matsumae
Allx4 (100)x6 (165)x7 (202)x9 (474)
 Taiko PS4

Speeding up as last March's new Namco Original addition to Session de Dodon ga Don (as part of the 6th Donder Pack DLC lot), the no-title-meaning-behind-it Tongachin is the first Namco Original coming from an artist that has cut out his niche space in the Taiko no Tatsujin lore in the past years: the Osaka composer Kimitaka Matsumae (松前公高).

Born June 13th, 1968, this musician's carreer started shortly after his drop-oput action from the Chiba university to pursue a videogame-related carreer, both for programming roles (most notably for Capcom's original Street Fighter II) and music composition in Music Macro Language, with instruments supplied by the Korg M1 and other synthesizers of the time. Kimitaka Matsumae has taken part in a lot of units along the years like S.S.T BAND and EXPO, ranging from videogame music to Anime and children's songs; he's currently a freelancer musician, married to another well-known videogame-related composer: Manami Matsumae (松前真奈美).

While Kimitaka Matsumae's most credited music roles lie in non-music games like Strider Hiryu or Sega's After Burner, his original works can be also spotted on bemani fields with the original beatmania's JAUNTY BOUNTY and beatmania IIDX's GOBBLE. On Taiko fields, the composer became an occasional attender of the Anime genre with the Taiko no Tatsujin clay anime's Ike! Mekadon, the two Oshiri Kajiri songs he contributed to make with the UrumaDelvi duo and the music he made (as a member of the EXPO band) for the Kill Me Baby anime: the theme song (which got into Taiko gaming) and two image songs that were ported to bemani's jubeat series (HOW TO ENJOY and Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu).

For one of the modern 9* Oni challenges with a short note amount, Tongachin's main difficulty flair is given by the song itself's very irregular rhythms, making place for an offbeat-heavy challenge where losing accuracy marks is made easier for the most careless players, even without resorting to modern, different-tempo cluster spikes!

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