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Friday, July 27, 2018

[PS4/West] - Taiko PS4's Playstation Blog Introduction(s)

Just as we first learned about this game last year, when it was under the Session de Dodon ga Don name for the Japanese audience, today's Western localization reveal was followed by a an official announcement for both the American and European versions of the Playstation Blog, giving some slight feature confirmations with a side of... not exactly rosy announcements.

Starting from the American introduction (which also re-included the video from the Twitter reveal of a few hours ago), the introductory text being displayed is rought the same as the one featured in the European, starring your typical PR introductory blurbs as well as some impressions from Taiko PS4 producer Ayano Ueda and Taiko Team member Takehito Sasaoka concerning the localization.

Back to that PR talk, it appears that a good chunk of the original game's starting song list content is going to be integrally included to the Western-friendly release, seeing as there have been quite a lot of mentions to either song-related tropes/franchises (mainly Anime series, Disney, Touhou Project and Bandai Namco-related IPs) as well as actual song titles, such as Zen Zen Zense and the Carmen (prelude).

Alas, clues leading to some disheartening news might be found in the American Playstation Blog's comment section, as the Bandai Namco rep who wrote the introductory article has replied to one of the comment section's inquiries that the Western take of Drum Session does not include any planned DLC release as of now.

Another kind of bad news, on the other hand, awaits the European players who are planning to get the game, as Drum Session will be a digital-only release in Europe. For the Old Lady's residents, it appears that importing the PS4 game will still be the method of choice in order to have a physical copy.

With no further details about how the game is coming out as of now (ie: game bundles/TaTaCon controller), all we can do right now is wait...

Source (Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session Introduction @ Playstation Blog USA)
Source (Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session Introduction @ Playstation Blog Europe)

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