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Thursday, July 26, 2018

First Video: PS4-1 Donder Pack Vol. 10

PS4-1 Donder Pack Vol. 10: July 26 2018

Freeway3234 NEW!

Taiko-zamurai NEW! (Ura)

Happy Birthday to Yuuji Masubuchi! Apparently today's PS4-1 DLC pack is dedicated to him on this occasion too: he charted for Kill Me no Baby, remixed for Surfside Satie and composed Taiko-zamurai and Ignis Danse. Maybe that also apply to the newcomer Freeway3234 as well?

On a similar tone of harder rhythmic structure as Masubuchi's works in the .ac Series (11 and 12.5), Freeway3234 landed lower on the ★8 spectrum with a purely 16th challenge. Do note that a significant half of the notechart is not on the line with the prominent melody, but to the quite-different percussion.

Meanwhile we also turn to the returning classic Taiko-zamurai (which the English language version tells us that it should be read with the rendaku phenomenon). Not only did it gain rating stars in Futsuu and Oni since its DS2 appearance, but it also got a more-modern interpretation in the brand new (high) ★8 Ura Oni notechart. More notes overall to fit more with the percussion and even the introduction of 24th clusters, while still keeping the offbeat-heavy bridge. The slowing tail is fully charted to the end as well.

...remember when the current Muzukashii notechart used to be ★10 Oni/Donderful in AC3 and PS2-1?

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