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Saturday, July 21, 2018

First Video: Dangan Notes

Blue ver. Song Addition: July 21 2018

Dangan Notes cosMo@BousouP NEW!

And we are finally back with top-rated additions on the 3rd generation arcade after the rush on Nintendo Switch Version and its scarcity of ★10s. cosMo@BousouP's latest Taiko-exclusive pick has notes of SDVX's Kyokuken (to his partial credit) in the composition, and that similarity is also reflected on the notecharts too.

Dangan Notes' Oni notechart also a high-speed demon on a hefty 16th base with weaving in 12th streams and peppered 24th clusters, but the patterns are comparatively tame and regular. Two of those 12th streams are even mixing large and normal notes, making the correct separation harder to spot on bare sightreading as Hyakki Yakou Normal Route did. The gimmick game is also strong with the (still patent-pending) trippy barlines soon after the intro to phase you into the main attraction, and even more even-more-trippy barlines with continuous barrage of speeding yellow drumrolls.

But Dangan Notes doesn't want to stay in the legacy of Kyokuken apparently, so it is equipped with a day-one Ura Oni notechart too. It worked for its purposes too because as of the writing of this (~17:30 JPT) there is still zero DFCs achieved.

The step up begins with more off-beat even clusters in more varied coloring in the initial rush, and then making 32nd clusters actually commonplace and hidden within streams that is already mixing 16th and 24th. There is apparently no place for barline gimmicks now though.

For the title hunters out there (not greater Asian, that is; but we don't get the song anyway), here are the Full Combo Titles for this time:
  • Dangan Donder (ダンガンドンだー) for Oni
  • Super High-speed Bullet Handling (超高速の弾丸捌き) for Ura Oni

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