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Saturday, July 7, 2018

First Video: Ai want U

Blue ver. Song Addition: July 7 2018

Ai want U Kaneko Chiharu NEW!
哀 want U/かねこちはる

Happy Tanabata! Ai want U is tough! (Asian AC0 still don't get it!) That doesn't stop it being quickly DFCed by Japanese Donders as early as, what, before 10am?

For real though, Ai want U is sporting some serious complex 12/16/24th mixes with the "clicks" sound effects represented by two 32nd kats peppered throughout (think something like Alexander no Theme). Overall it lands mid-high across the already-high ★10 spectrum.

N.B. Full Combo title is "Ai got U" (哀 got U). [source]

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