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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Across Japan: Catching Up with the JP Blue Tide

Today there's quite the pleasant notice for the non-Japanese Taiko arcade players, as the overseas Blue Version arcades are about to get an update that should put the cabinets in par with the ongoing Japanese position! ... at least, for what concerns the non-licensed song side.

Aside from that isle, in fact, General Asia's Blue Version updates will get everything available until now from the mainline side, including:
  • The trademark Performance Battle mode;
  • The transition to the Summer Blue Version Rewards Shop;
  • The latest Dojo Ranking Gaiden courses (aka the hardest courses from former AC firmwares);
  • All the new rewards and titles that are tied in with the latest song additions;
  • The possibility to select Oni and Ura Oni separately for 2-player matches;
  • July's two new Namco Originals (Ai Want U and Dangan Notes);
  • The five Namco Originals that were ported to the Issho ni Waiwai Ensou multiplayer mode (Break Line, Antonio, Boku wa Synth, Hello! Halloween and Nightmare Survivor).
While there's no tentative release date for this generous shipment, the sourced post notices that the last two points will be delivered on July 31st, so it's safe to assume that this enormous update will take place within such date.

Source (Taiko no Tatsujin Asia official Facebook page)

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