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Monday, May 8, 2017

Twitter Snippets (7 May 2017) - Taiko Postcards from Reitasai '17

Despite the hiatus announcement involving a communication halt for all the previous week, Takemoto has decided to interrupt the radio silence one day earlier to document the Team's experience at the Hakurei Shrine Reitasai throughout yesterday.

After the jump are the most remarkable highlights!

First of all, the arcade assessment was profiled! Like for the former years, a couple of arcades were relegated to the beginner players with Kantan/Futsuu modes being the only active ones, while another couple of cabinets held all modes for all the Touhou Project songs available to play for the event. During the day, however, the team had to convert one of the beginner arcades' operative modes to cope with the long queues (link).

Aside from the showcased Taiko x Touhou merchandise and some quality 8-numbered sh*t-posting, the main attraction for the Taiko stand was the early-bird showcase of the 9th Anniversary version of Cirno's Perfect Math Class, which has been advertised in quite the unique way...

As you can see, playing the song at this event would have made the players face with custom note markers to play in a regular mode, a first in official arcade Taiko gaming! To match the theme, it appears that Don notes were represented with Reimu's face, while the Kat notes had Cirno as their default icon. Perhaps a similar feature may come to future public Taiko outings as well...?

We're ending this article with a tweet from the Synchroica handle's feed, as we can see the cosplaying mascots that showed up in both of Bandai Namco's booths. With Daifuku reprising her role as shrine maiden for one day, we can now count a genderbent version of Cirno for the Synchronica side! I wonder what Anne was up to this year...

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