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Friday, May 19, 2017

Twitter Snippets (18-19 May 2017) - The Great Post-Update Artists Round-Up

Between yesterday and today, there have been lots of composers chiming in the official Taiko Team's Twitter feed, being related to either yesterday's original song lot announcement or other future-related means.

If you want a quick refresher of the songs, you can check the newly published "Summer '17" version of the Medley for the Busy People that the Team posted on Youtube alongside the other song previews, but after that... see you after the jump!

With the usual Taiko crew being stingy of artist details when it comes to original songs, we are usually reliant on the artists/units themselves to show up and reveal the involved talents... which has been pretty much the case of StudioGIW with their recently-revealed track! Sanzegawa Ranbu stars Yuuko Ueda (上田ゆう子) as the lead singer, with Hisui (翡翠) starring in yet another composing role alongside the nick-named taka-c, Takuya Kotegawa (小手川拓也) and guitarist Masato Fukuda (福田正人). It's the biggest ensemble of StudioGIW artists for a Taiko song yet!

From one of Yukiko 'YMY' Yamamoto's tweets we come to know that her latest Namco Original composition holds some instrumental support from other artists, with the violin portions performed by hiyama (Uchuu SAMURAI/Tsukikage SASURAI) and a guitar accompaniment by the indie unit CROW'S CLAW.

It's almost a no-brainer at this point for Taiko-aimed songs by Yuuya Kobayashi but once again, we have Shichijou Lettuce (七条レタス) as the lyricist for yesterday's IOSYS song reveal! A tweet from Yuuya is the one profiling the full list of people involved in the song's making.

While not bet re-tweeted by the Team yet, Kaneko Chiharu appeared in order to correct the record about how the read her latest Namco Original's title! With the 'chi' (χ) Greek letter in the title, Kaidan (かいだん, lit. 'Stairs') appears to be the correct pronunciation.

And before any SOUND VOLTEX player can ask, the answer is no, the lane does not disappear...

With the song reveal business of yesterday being dealt with from many sources, the Taiko Team's forward-planning for future original songs' licensing/recording process is still underway! In this last tweet, for example, it has been addressed the end of the recording session of a new original song, starring Harunaba (who sent the original tweet which was replied to) and SaChi from the harineko independent unit.

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