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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

First Video: Yellow ver. V2.07/Asia V1.05 Songs

With the update day's coming and the official Japanese update version number fully revealed, the one thing left for us to do is to cover the newcomer songs! Let's start with the sole Namco Original addition.

 Ooka Ranman (桜花爛漫) (4/6/7/8; forked paths on Oni with 759/777/722 notes)

Normal Route
Advanced Route

After roughly 7 years of waiting, here's a new song for the Butou series of Japan-esque Namco Original, checking in at an 8-star Oni rating in order to be on the same level of the star rating changes that have influenced the formerly-released tracks in the ongoing Taiko generation. With Masubuchi Yuji's Normal chart working on a sense of musicality with many pause sections and Dark Attribute's Advanced route playing it more on a rest-less note approach, Takemoto made the Master notechart so that each and every note in there follows the shamisen playing throughout the entire song!

 Doko Made Mo ~How Far I'll Go~ (どこまでも 〜How Far I'll Go〜) (2/3/5/6; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 213 notes on Oni)

On with the main bulk of today's update, our first Anime pick comes from Moana and the Legendary Sea (モアナと伝説の海) which, as you may have guessed, is not coming from Japanese shores!

Indeed, the latest Disney movie finds its place in Taiko no Tatsujin in playable form, with its representative song being played as a slow ballad like one of the many ones in Taiko gaming's past.

 SHINE!! Kirakira☆PreCure a la Mode (SHINE!! キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード) (2/3/4/6; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 350 notes on Oni)

TWO DE ECS GOOOOOO-*coff* I mean, the latest Precure song finds its place in Bandai Namco's drumming series as yet another 6* Oni challenge with many of the typical 1/16 notechart formations we've grown to acknowledge for the difficulty range in years.

 LUCKYSTAR (3/3/5/6; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 301 notes on Oni)

Another obligatory Bandai Namco-licensed Anime return, the everlasting Super Sentai series is back with another 6-star Oni that doesn't shy too much away from the difficulty norm. Just watch out for that final 120-hit balloon!

 Genkai Toppa×Survivor (限界突破×サバイバー) (3/3/3/3; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 198 notes on Oni)

For a fresh Oni challenge that is suitable to the less experienced of players, the latest theme from Dragon Ball Super has become prime material for the latest cluster-less notechart to date, while sporting the same difficulty rating in all of its modes.

For someone who has a better grip on Taiko gaming, however, ...

  Genkai Toppa×Survivor (限界突破×サバイバー) (8* forked-paths Ura Oni with 523 Notes -Master Route-)

That's right: a Dragon Ball song has become eligible of the Ura Oni treatment and it's another forked-path trial, no less! Enjoy the cluster-riddled trial and if you happen to be able to try it, see if you can trigger the Master Route activation for the song's chorus.

  Kagerou (カゲロウ) (2/4/4/7; 411 notes on Oni)

For one of the new entries without Papa Mama support we have one of the latest themes from the Gintama anime, sporting an averagely-paced notechart with small clusters and a titles that makes us remember of a certain title dispute we're still having about a certain song's naming...

  GO (2/4/5/7; 370 notes on Oni)

Our last Anime newcomer of the day comes from the Granblue Fantasy animated series, with its slow-paced theme being worked into Taiko gaming as the vessel for a 7-star Oni with many diffently-long cluster formations.

 The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Medley (ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド メドレー) (4/5/6/8; 469 notes on Oni)

The piano-inspired score from the latest title in the Legend of Zelda series made its way into Taiko gaming in medley form, ranging from slower-paced tracks to more aggressive-sounding vibes! This is also reflected into the Oni notechart, ranging from sparse notes/small clusters to scrolling speed-ups.

 Revenge of Meta Knight Medley (メタナイトの逆襲メドレー) (3/4/7/7; 655 notes on Oni)

From a more seasoned entry among the Nintendo gaming rank, on the other hand, we find a Kirby Super Star medley that is based on the mysterious Meta Knight's tracks, from stage BGMs to the themes used for the Revenge of Meta Knight side mode that is also this medley's name-giver.

The more frantic rhythms make it for a song with an higher note capacity than the Breath of the Wild medley, made of a variety of cluster/visual gimmicks that elevates it among other Oni modes of the same difficulty range.

  Revenge of Meta Knight Medley (メタナイトの逆襲メドレー) (10* Ura Oni with 1000 notes)

The Revenge of Meta Knight Medley has also been prime material for the forging of the latest 10-star Ura Oni challenge (and first GM track with exactly 1000 notes!), which rises the difficulty bar by exploiting even more hi-tier difficulty tropes. From out-of-nowhere 1/24 troll long clusters a-la Noushou Sakuretsu Girl Ura to the last-minute solo portion, there a little something for everyone to worry about on the way towards completion!

 Angel Dream (エンジェルドリーム) (3/6/7/8; 694 notes on Oni)

Finally, we end up with the least exciting addition of the update, as -predictably enough- the abridged Angel Dream cover featured in the mobile-related iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls universe simply inherits the note patterns of the original Angel Dream on all modes, minus (of course) the cut-out part... And before you ask, there's no abridged-cut Ura Oni for this cover.

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