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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Site Announcement: The Great Big Taiko Time Title Fix Feud

This is official: the Taiko Team crew is having a full-on feud about some of the song title fixes! Well not really, we just have some diverging opinions (which is very normal and a beneficial part of this endeavor). With this housekeeping season let's settle them once and for all, why don't we?

But first let's go through some of the less opposed changes:

 フレンジャー Furenja → Frienger
Referring to Wikipedia and the CD jacket, the word is mashing up "friend" and "ranger" (as in the Sentai kind).

 クローバー♣かくめーしょん Clover Nuclear Automation → Clover Kakumation
Just why, Google translate? We have actually already went and changed all of them like two days within launch, but if you just came from Wayback Machine or a Google cached copy from before we completed that, welcome and rest assured we have followed the Sansha Sanyo official CD's romanization on this.

 まおぅ Maou → Maow
Spoiler alert for the 2-minute song: it is about a cat going all predatory to some caged canary or something. Plus not to confuse with our favourite floating-hand, voice-stealing clown, we switch to a translation that resembles actual cat-sound onomatopoeia (meow).

 龍馬伝 Ryuumaden → Ryoumaden
As provided in its SotW feature, the drama is literally a story about Ryouma Sakamoto, so his name goes there. In general the given name 龍馬 is only read as Ryouma and almost never Ryuuma anyway.

 ひよっこファンタジー Hiyoko Fantasy → Hiyokko Fantasy
Basically our mistake, but there is an undeniable sokuon there. Even though that doesn't really affect the meaning ("hiyo(k)ko" meaning "chick/fledgling")

★   ★   ★

And the following are the song title conflicts that we need your input. To do so please leave your choice and reason in the comments below (or anywhere else you reach us). Please note that we are not purely taking a majority rule here (we could have made a poll then), we actually look at the reasoning too.

 カゲロウデイズ Kagerou Days/Daze
While "Kagerou Days" amassed almost 700K Google hits and "Kagerou Daze" only has half of that, the Kagerou Daze Official Visual Fanbook as a primary source had it written right on the front cover, as well as the subtitles of the song ("eye-dazing story") and novel ("in a daze"), not to mention Wikipedia appears to have reached a long-standing consensus (including Chinese ver., 眩亂 means "daze").

 ドン・エンガスの笛吹き Don Engasu/Dun Aonghasa no Fue Fuki
If you have not read the SotW feature you should go read it through, but Dun Aonghasa is an actual location in Ireland. Let us know if we should unify this and its sequels (Lisdoonvarna no Tasogare and Kathiawar no Cutlass) that also use the same place-no-noun format, in whether to use the actual place name.

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