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Thursday, November 10, 2016

First Video: 3DS3's New November 2016 DLC Songs

A little bit past the Greenwich Midnight, let's see what the Land of the Rising Sun's Midnight of a few hours back has introduced to portable Taiko gaming!

 Psi Desu I LIKE YOU (Ψです I LIKE YOU) (5/7/7/9; 523 notes on Oni)
Starting off with the highest-rated newcomer of this bunch, it's nice to see that 9* swing notecharts are making their comeback after what has felt an eternity since Katamari on the Swing from the Ps2 days. Watch out to those pesky 1/24 clusters near the end, too!

 Max Fusion (マキシフュージョン) (2/4/5/7; 331 notes on Oni)
The lowest-rated new entry is also the free DLC from the month! After skipping the former 2D fighting game for the franchise on any form of Taiko grounds, the theme song for Dragon Ball Fusions makes it to be a playable challenge with definitely more calm tones when compared to the former feature and the following ones.

 Love You☆Don-chan (ラブユー☆どんちゃん) (4/6/6/8; 509 notes on Oni)
We've seen songs from the very first Taiko games to have their Oni modes drastically changed for their appearance on newer games; we've also seen ancient Taiko songs getting Ura Oni modes as opposed to change the regular Oni... but for the first time ever, we're having both phenomenons affecting the very same song at the same debut time!

Up here is a revised version of Love You☆Don-chan's Oni mode for Dokodon! Mystery Dungeon, featuring signifcantly longer and denser clusters than the former Oni/Donderful from the 1st-gen Taiko era; while it can be pressing stamina-wise, keep in mind that a lot of patterns are repeated multiple times inside the trial!

  Love You☆Don-chan (ラブユー☆どんちゃん) (8* Ura Oni; 448 notes)
Here instead is another interpretation of an Oni notechart for the revived Namco Original, more focused on the original drum accompainment of the song which, in turn, leads to 1/24 note couples to deal with a-la Alexander no Theme and similar. It's also yet another Ura Oni with fewer notes than the (current) regular Oni shown above!

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