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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Twitter Snippets (28 April 2016) - Merchandising!

Before our usual Saturday feature, here's a little something for the most avid of Taiko collectors out there! Bandai Namco's LaLaBit Marked online store for Bandai Namco ID holders now has three extra Taiko-themed articles: Tatsu-Don T-shirts, Don-Chan wrist-holders and Tatsu-Don towels! All three items will also be available during the (now running) Tokaigi '16 event's Bandai Namco booth.

We also take advantage of this tweet-related post to warn you another kind of merchandising that has been popping on theOfficial Donder website's home page for a few weeks (link). In occasion for the 15th Anniversary of Taiko gaming, Banpresto has released a trio of Taiko-related keychains for the most avid of crane players, starring the Taiko siblings and the Studio Ghibli-spawn character Mouchu.

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