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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (April 14 2016): Getting Real with the Tat's: Taiko at NicoNico Chokaigi 2016

Nothing really new today, as we have covered the major scoop of the Chokaigi 2016 appearance in the Twitter Snippets earlier this week, including real life sightings of Tatsudon on the event floors at unspecified times (this was in the Taiko Team tweet, but we didn't realize it actually mean this, sorry).

Anyway, be it you want to ask Tatsudon for selfies or signing, snatch those Dissecting Tatsudon (and other designs) stickers, or feel the toucch of a freeplay cabinet, possibly for a limited Cranky remix of Help me, ERINNNNNN, Niconico Chokaigi 2016 has your back.

Link to original post


  1. Umm sorry to ask but, don't you have the image in a better resolution
    It looks interesting...

  2. Sadly this one is the best we got from the original blog entry. You can try visiting the Japanese Taiko Team blog with the link we provided here, but I'm afraid it won't be that much larger...

  3. I mean that is the exact same image from the original post we embed here (like we always do), so yeah.