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Saturday, April 23, 2016

3DS3 Update: Rumored! 2nd Early Purchase Bonus

Well, now that Umi no Koe has its thunder stolen by White ver. two months before its release, maybe it is time for some rumor for the next (hopefully more exclusive) song.

Here we have a wikihouse commenter seeing in a Yamada Denki electronics store of a 3DS3 sample which shows the second Early Purchase Bonus song being PERFECT HUMAN by RADIO FISH, the musical group spawning from the comedy act Oriental Radio. Not that we have much any way to reliably confirm this other than having someone to go find that specific store in Japan, so let's leave this in very heavy rumor status until later.

早期購入キャンペーン第二弾パーフェクトフューマン ソースはヤマダ電気の売り場に置いてあるサンプル -- 2016-04-17 (日) 00:42:43 [Source] 

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