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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3DS3 Update: 2nd Website Update and TVCM

One month later, Dokodon! Mystery Dungeon's website gets a beefy update with many new additions to count for nearly all the different sections, starting from the game's TVCM above which is possibly revealing a small portion of the game's theme song, Sekai wa Itsudemo Mystery (世界はいつでもミステリー).

Reach us after the jump for the rest of the new updated content!

Starting from Story Mode updates, the game's very first world to explore has been revealed, with the Taiko brothers' first stop being Greece. With the support of resident demigod Heracles and a fire-y temper dragon Leviathan as the first boss of the game, the fight mechanics are already heating up the tension!



Also on the Adventure Mode side of today's updates is a new section that briefly explains the combat system, introducing the element categories which the teammates of the game can fall in and other new customization-related features.

The latest early reveals by Famitsu are also appearing on the website, meaning that both the first trio of Adventure Mode's guest character series (Monster Hunter, Touhou Project and Yokai Watch) and the latest load of song reveals for the Game Music genre have been added with no additional reveals.

太鼓の達人 3つの時代へタイムトラベルだドン! 前田圭士:作 ささむらもえる・絵
太鼓の達人 どんちゃん&かっちゃんが過去の世界を大冒険!?

While Don and Katsu's adventures with Takkun and Tikkun are over on the gaming side of things (as of now), Japanese editor Tsubasa Bunko has published a small Manga story to tie things over with the third 3DS game's release with another minor collaboration!

Made by Maeda Keishi (前田圭士), the book goes under the name of Taiko no Tatsujin Travel to Three Time Eras Da-Don! (太鼓の達人 3つの時代へタイムトラベルだドン!), featuring the Taiko brothers in yet another adventure with the main buddy couple from the second 3DS game, traveling back in time to previously-visited time periods (Pirate Era and France's Renaissance) as well as a trip to Ancient Greece in order to meet a young Heracles (Alcides) before Dokodon! Mystery Dungeon's release.

The book is already available to buy online as of April 15th this year, with QR codes inside that let its readers use Tikkun and Takkun in the next Taiko videogame as support characters once again! For more details about the book's content, we forward you to Tsubasa Bunko's website campaign page about its contents.

We round things up for today with a new confirmation piece, as the 3DS game's website page tells us that RADIO FISH's PERFECT HUMAN will be the second free DLC song currently scheduled for the new Taiko title. While the end deadline is the same one as for Umi no Koe (August 31st), the song won't be downloadable until the beginning of July.



  1. *Heracles. It's Greece after all, man.

    1. Dammit Disney and their Las Vegas-y sort-of musicals and JonT/ry