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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Twitter Snippets (11 December 2015) - t+pazolite's End-Of-The-Year Album Revealed!

Months after the early teasers from the composer (some of which also made their way in our blog!), t+pazolite finally revealed the identity and content of his 3rd solo album, slated to a December 31st release this year at the Comic Markey 89 East Area as a timed exclusive.

Ponko2 Girlish is the official name for the album that t+pazo also teased during the Taiko Team livestream of November '15. In that occasion, it was already revealed that the album will be having a long version of Shiny Kung-fu Revival, his first track on Taiko games. But the longer version won't be the only Taiko-themed treat...

The audio clip above comes from aran's remix of Shiny Kung-fu Revival, which will also be included in the Ponko2 Girlish album. For those who are closely following the arcade scene, aran is an independent composer who had one of his songs (KUSANAGI) published as one of Taiko White Version's new Namco Original tracks.

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