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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Taiko Wii U3 - Every Amiibo Compatible!

As a way to wrap the week up, here's a minor bit of news about next week's big Taiko console release, which (at this point) isn't advertised at all in any official news-related websites.

Together with the Pac-Man and Animal Crossing amiibo figurines, it turns out that Atsumete Tomodachi Daisakusen will be compatible with every other amiibo released to this day! The catch is, however, that none of the other models will unlock exclusive content, as they'll give out a random amount of Don Kobans. As a reminder, Don Kobans are the Wii U games' cash that can be collected by playing the games' modes (outside from Wii U1) and then used to unlock the game's contents through the Mekadon Gacha machines.

Nothing else has been said on the subject matter, such as eventual amiibo usage restrictions and/or day constrains to the amiibo-related unlocks; we'll just have to wait for the release day to see if the game's unlockable content can all be unlocked in one swoop with Nintendo's collectible figurines.

Source (official amiibo support list by Nintendo)
Source (Perfectly Nintendo)

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