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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Song of the Week! 21 November 2015

Aside from gaming means, today is a spcial recurrence for us, as it's the birthday of the Taiko Time blog's founder/admin aquabluu/pikaby. Let's celebrate with one of his requested song features!

 D's Adventure Note Dan@Yomii
Allx5 (272)x7 (356)x8 (648)x10 (872)
 Taiko 0 S, Taiko Wii U 1, 2, Taiko PS Vita, Taiko +

With the winners of the most recent CreoFuga contest being decided weeks ago, it's important to come back and remembering the previous editions such as the 2nd one, which finally introduced the use of the song's authors in selected songs in Taiko games as said songs' subtitle. And among these, there happens to be pikaby's choice for today's feature, too!

Commonly known in arcade circles under the shortened name of DAN (as indications of both the song's initials and author), D's Adventure Note is the first song composed by CreoFuga user Yomii (よみぃ), a piano scholar who deems to be still learning on how to properly play the instrument. For his song entry on CreoFuga, he didn't know if it could fit well as a Taiko no Tatsujin song, but it eventually become one of Taiko Team leader Eto's winners for its variety of deployment in the time restrain limitations of the previous song-making contest. Due to the DAN nickname of the song, Yomii decided to be quoted on Taiko games as Dan@Yomii (暖@よみぃ) to reflect his creation's nick.

Outside of CreoFuga, Yomii has two music-related channels on NicoVideo and Youtube (link), in which he performs piano covers of many tracks in different media, from anime to gaming (with some focus on Taiko no Tatsujin and Idolm@ster music). Under authorization of Bandai Namco, he also posted on Youtube the original version of D's Adventure Note that he has used for the CreoFuga contest, slightly shorter than the version that is playable on Taiko games.

D's Adventure Note has been one of the three songs of the 2nd CreoFuga contest who had their Oni mode crafted by Taiko no Tatsujin fans in August 2013's livestream session, starting from a base notechart example by Etou. The final result is one of the few drumroll-less 10* Oni challenges in Taiko gaming, which barely missed a special notecombo value while doubling on the difficulty factor with a barrage of very different clusters, one after another. Much like the later Hurling Boys, the charting efforts have made the Oni mode chart above finished entirely inside the livestream's run!

Being built up as a really challenging track for the previous Taiko no Tatsujin arcade tournament, D's Adventure Note is the first CreoFuga-spawn song to become an actual boss song in Taiko gaming, featured in Taiko V Version in the fight against the Glass Baleine (グラスバレーヌ).

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