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Friday, November 27, 2015

Site Announcement: December 2015's Housekeeping Plans

Now that the dust has settled down around the latest Taiko console game's release, we're finally ready to talk with you about our plans for the scheduled housecleaning plans for the very next month.

As usual, we're doing the usual routine checks for outdated site corners and features, such as the Taiko Guinness Hall and dead video links among Taiko games' song list pages, but we'll try to step up our game by also implementing a little few changes and tweaks to the site's features. Here are some of our currently-scheduled works for the next weeks!
  • The Song Series general page will change its name to Song Series Showcase, a minor change that will also reflect on the single series pages! All series will have a slightly different title wording for a more professional look, indicating the main song genre in the title. The Ridge Racer series, for example, will be renamed to "Game Music Showcase: Ridge Racer".
  • Some pre-existing song series will have more tracks added, due to either Wii U 3 debut or... us simply forgetting about their existence/series relation (...yeah, sorry). Among these we have EAT'EM UP! (Ridge Racer), Symphonic Medley No.1 (Classic Medley), Animal Crossing New Leaf Medley (General Medley) Shiuryu (Season Dragon) and FUJIN Rumble (Taito).
  • We're picking back an old feature back to the grave, and then expand it! Together with us struggling once more in order to complete the Vocaloid Corner, we're also aiming to do an Idolm@ster Corner, in occasion for the imminent dual Ps-Vita dual games and generally heavy contribution of the series to Taiko gaming. The corner will sort all the Im@s songs out by release game/album (just like the aforementioned Must Songs games) and have links to their Song of the Week articles (if those are already up)! Both corners will appear in the main Song Series Showcase page.
  • Another new icon is going to pop up in arcade/console song list pages! Already appearing in our recently-updated Taiko Wii U 3 song list page, this purple Ura Oni figure () will appear for Ura Oni songs with 2-player patterns, together with the regular red Ura Oni icon if said song has both unique 1P and 2P Ura modes (ie: not using part of the 2P Ura patterns when played in single player).
  • Once again, we'll also do a translation check for ambiguous song titles. Most recently, we've fixed up the translation of YMY's latest song (Kathiawar no Cutlass), but if more similar mistakes will pop up, we'll be more than happy to fix them and warn you about the changes.
  • Some of the eldest arcade/console games descriptions have been updated, but we'll consider doing a makeover of some of the other ones, if we deem that course of action necessary.
  • Last but not least, we'll be popping up a small corner about the Taiko no Tatsujin Manga that has been recently showing up on the Internet. We won't be up for translating the whole thing, but that won't stop us from acknowledging its existence and bringing up some trivia about it!
I know this is quite a lot of stuff to look after in our immediate future, but we're aiming to check/clear all of these within the end of this year. We're currently testing out and preparing selected new features that will replace some obsolete parts of our blog, but the housecleaning and the updates/tweaks mentioned above come first. Keep up checking our Changelog next month in order to see what's being implemented from time to time!

With that said, I'm off; as you can see, there's a lot of work to do here... See you around!


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