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Monday, November 2, 2015

[RANDOM] - t+pazolite's Latest Long Versions

The latest livestream has just begun, but given the identity of some of this session's guest composers (t+pazo in particular) we found relevant to share this bit of news.

Back in October 13th, t+pazolite began advertising his 3rd solo album by gradually revealing songs he made for selected rhythm ghames that will get a longer version. As you can see, the first revealed track is maimai series' Garakuta Doll Play (which also appears on Taiko games), but in a Groove Coaster livestream on October 22nd, 2 more songs from said franchise (Satisfiction and OMANEKO Stroke) have been revealed to be featured in their extended forms, as also the album's teaser website lists.

This leads to today's ongoing livestream... is t+pazo's Taiko contribution going to be extended for his album? So far we have only Shiny Kung-fu Revival as the only NO song from the composer, but maybe something else altogether might be revealed during the livestream...

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