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Monday, November 16, 2015

im@s Must Songs Update: Gotta Look Like a Taiko Game Somehow

Today's update to the Idolm@ster Must Songs Red/Blue main website is another good time to wrap up a few previous developments.

Why You Should Get Must Songs
Presented by 765 Production clerk Kotori Otonashi is an ongoing series of videos explanation in more depth the various aspect of the games, with more substantial gameplay given too! The currently-out three each explains the Live Festival mode, guest idols and using concert lights.

More Interviews!
While the interviews are still being predominantly Idolm@ster fanservice content, throughout the previous updates the corner added several Taiko no Tatsujin familiars, including "face of Taiko sound team" Yuuji Masubuchi and creator of 2000 Series Linda AI-CUE.

Lesson Room
...which is basically the same thing as Taiko Training from PS Vita1, having the same objective that lets you practice on various songs to your heart's content with multiple tools available to tweak things up.

Actual Taiko Content! ...sort of
An additional twist to the Taiko-familiar outfit system is that Don-chan/Kat-chan can actually take on the idol's personality and voice depending on the outfit!

And you can also interact with the idol-Don-chan on the menu screen! That should give you good mood to clear the production/songs to see the ending Bachio Sensei congrat... oh apparently this time we have lightsticks UO Sensei to do that job instead. ...wait what?

Taiko Sounds this time has a specially focus on reproducing idols' iconic voice bits. This screenshot marks better to Donders for it reveals the full modifier set as from PS Vita1. You can make the idols go Baideta (ばいでた, Double speed+Detarame) if you want.

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