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Monday, November 30, 2015

im@s Must Songs Update: The Answer to That Question

10 days until release, today our aggregate update for The Idolm@ster Must Songs will probably answer one of the most anticipated questions from our reader base. But first...

Shop Exclusive Early Order Bonus
In addition to the first printing pack-in bonus of PS Vita themes that everyone buys them early will get, there are way more shop-exclusive physical swag depending on which of the over-a-dozen places you get them. Some are even exclusive to you buying both versions together.

Even More Interviews!
Where Idolm@ster fans can read heartfelt messages from voice actors, and us Taiko fans can see the composing art from Taiko familiars like kyo (Zero no Rhapsody/Nocturne, Kokihi no Shinzou), Takafumi Sato (3DS1 sound chief, Maji de...!?, EDY -Electrical Dancing Yoga) and our favourite freelance composer Tatsh/Zeami (Xa, no Mai, Rose, no Ran).

Why You Really, Really Should Get Must Songs
Kotori Otonashi ends her mini series of video approaching year end! The fourth installment above shows off customization of Taiko sounds replaced by idol voices and Don-chan taking on the idols' voice with outfits.

The fifth installment finally takes care of issues that Donders care more about: unlocking in the songs department! Most of the unlockable songs can be bought from the shop with money you make from other activities. Exclusive to Must Songs are alternate versions to songs, fully sang by notable solo and units than the usual full 765 Production cast, also bought from the shop.

ポジティブ! Positive!
エージェント夜を往く Agent Yoru o Yuku
おはよう!!朝ご飯 Ohayou!! Asagohan
魔法をかけて! Mahou o Kakete!
神さまのBirthday Kamisama no Birthday
きゅんっ!ヴァンパイアガール Kyun! Vampire Girl
Little Match Girl

And we can finally confirm Ura notecharts! Yay!
 Honey Heartbeat ~10 Stars Mix~
 The world is all one!! NEW!! MUSIC♪ NEW!!
 アクセルレーション Acceleration NEW!!
 Thinking ~Must Mix~ NEW!!

In particular Acceleration Ura Oni has 961 notes! I am pretty sure that this has everything to do with the song being for rival 961 Production's idol.

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