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Thursday, November 5, 2015

First Video - November 2015's New V Version Songs

With a new Popular Song Pack for the Japanese version and another tris of Asian-centric licenses, there's something new for everyone to enjoy on V Version! After the jump are the videos of the brand new songs being released on this month.

Starting from the Japanese front, we have Bravely You (3/4/5/8), opening theme of the Anime series Charlotte. In many means this might be considered as the Oni sequel notechart to My Soul, Your Beats!, in reguard of the fact that the difficulty degree is given by a barrage of clusters/single notes with little to no resting time and average BPM speed.

From the mobile game Shingun Destroy! we also get its main theme, Yubisaki Kara Hajimaru Monogatari (3/3/4/8), another 8* Oni mode more on the harder side of the road which is also available for the general-Asian version of the game! As the song comes from a Bandai Namco IP, it also caps the Nam-Combo notecount with lots of clusters and occasional 1/24 threats.

Coming to the Western side of the East, we have three new DLC songs from V Version's not-Japanese edition, starting with Magic Power's Gorilla (3/5/6/7). Watch out for the small clusters and an averagely-long Don note stream!

Introduced by the latest B'in Music song pack is the band Cosmos People with their song And You (3/4/5/6), calmly strolling in the 6-star ballpark.

Closing the circle for this DLC feature is Mayday's Into The Array Song (4/5/6/7), the first not-Japanese track for V Version to play with scrolling speed changes.

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