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Friday, July 24, 2015

Twitter Snippets (24 July 2015) - Fighting the Heat with Food and Songs

Today in Japan falls the so-called 'Doyo no Ushi' (土用の丑の日, lit. "Midnight of the Ox"), issued 18 days before the beginning of the Autumn season (according to the ancient Chinese calendar system). According to old sayings, if someone eats eel during this day, he or she won't suffer anymore from the heat of the leftover Summer days.

As the tweet above shows, the Taiko brothers want to make sure that both they and other Taiko players won't suffer the heat as well! And so, the Namco Original song Unagi no Tamashii Rock will be available to play from today until August 5th, the day of the next minor Murasaki update's release. The Asian Taiko Facebook profile also reports that the song will appear on not-Japanese Murasaki models as well, under the same time period!

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