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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (July 20 2015): Across July and August, with Wii U2 DLC and AC0 news


Double Namco Taiko Blog ahoy! The first, morning-session post of the day is about July's Wii U2 DLC, which we already did our take here, and let's not dawdle on that until the next wave of DLC in September.

The second post comes after the noon mark about the obligatory August updates for Murasaki ver., because we are two days left until the new month. DonChare will net you the returning Taberuna 2000 (タベルナ2000), the second-to-last older 2000 series songs to make a return to the new HD arcades (points if you can name the last one in 5 seconds). In the outfit department, get the Festival Taiko (お祭り太鼓) by just playing, and the Flower Straw-hat (はながさ) from the Rewards Shop, only this month.

Finally, checking on the still-ongoing V Version Release Campaign: Get extra tickets during the concentration period of August 6~16. That means 2 tickets for each qualifying play (play songs that are in both Vita1 and AC0), and a whopping 3 tickets each if you go multiplayer with a friend! A very good chance to get back on track with past items, or to stock up for whatever that is yet to come. Check the special icon to know when the bonus is in effect:

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