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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Across Japan: Asian Dojo Ranking detailed

It was quite the exciting time for Asian donders when the Dojo Ranking mode (translated literally by the team to 'Dan-i Dojo') was announced...and will be released tomorrow, in fact! Today on their Facebook page, more details regarding the dojo have surfaced, in four succinct pictures.

A short guide for the uninitiated on how to access this belated addition to Taiko Murasaki Asia. Remember, it's from the song select screen!

And here are the types of conditions you will be expected to meet for each course! It gets extremely brutal later on too.

These two pictures show all the songs for all the courses from Shokyu to Tatsujin. No more spoilers; everything is revealed, even the hidden secret songs!

As expected, a few licensed songs that were present in the Japanese Dojo but not on the Asian songlist, such as Geragerapo no Uta and Tokyo Soda 8-Bit, are replaced with similar difficulty songs.

But...what's this? Take a look at the second picture, particularly on Shodan, Yondan and Chojin. There are three Namco Original songs that aren't in Asia!

Yup, there are actually three more songs to be added in the bumper crop V3.07 for Murasaki Asia, and they are unlocked for regular play by clearing courses at the Dojo!

Kimi no Akari (きみのあかり) (presumably with its Ura)
Kuon no Yoru (久遠の夜)
Joubutsu 2000 (万カームーーノ十)

Joubutsu was expected as it is literally the iconic song of the Dojo, but the other two have previously been exclusive to the Rewards Shop in Japan, a feature only accessible through Donder Hiroba which is not available in Asia.

According to Namco:

  • Kimi no Akari will be unlocked by clearing Ikkyu and above
  • Kuon no Yoru will be unlocked by clearing Sandan and above
  • Joubutsu 2000 will be unlocked by clearing Juudan
  • Yuugen no Ran (for anyone who still doesn't have the song) will be unlocked by clearing Chojin, matching the unlock conditions for the JP version.
In addition, Joubutsu 2000 can also be unlocked by sharing the song with another player, for those who can't clear Juudan's brutal accuracy requirements but still want the song.

Players can choose any course freely between Shokyu and Juudan only. To unlock ranks hugher than Juudan, you must clear the course below it, for example, you must clear Juudan before you can unlock Kurouto for play.

A page will be created with these details added soon. Stay tuned!

Original Facebook post

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