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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Twitter Snippets (October 9 2014) - Sorry for the Removals

Well, the removal is (almost) set in stone. Before you descend into sorrow and tears, let's hear out on Etou's take on the removal, amidst the moderate uproar happening in Twitter.

The popular songs you know and love has all sorts of (copy)rights attached. To have it playable in Taiko, the Team has to only (hold various negotiations to) borrow the rights from their owners. With the deals comes all sorts of conditions, and for some the loan has to end some time, hence the removals.

The Team is sorry that some of the most memorable songs has to be removed one time or another. But rest assured they will be trying their hardest to get new and exciting songs into the games to add to that great memory hopefully.

So there. The Taiko Team doesn't hate you with the removals. If they hate you they would have start mass-removing Namco Originals like Xa, that Namco holds most rights and has no decent reason. Speaking of Xa... (one more post today!)

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