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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Twitter Snippets (October 29 2014) - Everybody Comments! Oct 30 Livestream Comment Goals

And what is a Taiko Team livestream without a comment challenge? Here are the goals for tomorrow, and in addition to the usual icon/points/title part/wallpaper deals, the higher goals are a tad different.

76,500 comments: Talk Session on the Tatsudon T-shirt Design
Instead of having Etou going places with the inside joke-worthy Tatsudon T-shirt, we are just going to have him talk why this idea ever came across.

87,600 comments: Revival of the Outfits, "Breakdown" Edition
Did you miss one of the retired outfits on AC0? Vote on the ones you would like to see revived in a brand spanking new two-piece form!

100,000 comments: Limited return of famous tune
Another staple that is the limited appearance of a previous beloved song on AC0. This time though, it is so limited the song will only be open to all on November 23 and November 23 only. And I am not going to comment on whatever connotation November 23 has (Tenkaichi Otogesai Shop Preliminary aside).

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