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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Let-down - Update on Tenkaichi Otogesai

Remember how we were talking about the next AOU newsletter coming out today, probably containing further information about the big Tenkaichi Otogesai? Well now it is out, and isn't that a giant let-down.

This little clip below is all the coverage about the collab in AOU's October newsletter. We now know the scale of the event, involving 777 arcade centers across Japan (nice number). The tourney songs will be added to cabinets in 1329 shops. And that's it. Being a industry-focused publication, it is reasonable that player-centric information (like what songs are in) would be skimped largely. Oh well, we still have two weeks to the update, so patience young cricket. (Namco Taiko Blog tomorrow!)

As an interesting statistic, Taiko no Tatsujin can boast as the more widespread game among the four, being in 1231 shops out of the above-mentioned 1329 (92.6%). maimai has 562/1329 (42.2%), Groove Coaster has 562/1329 (42.3%) and jubeat 640/1329 (48.1%).

From Page 1, AOU October newsletter

[RUMOR] added later October 15: Meanwhile rumors has surfaced about the first batch of song candidates. This rumor is half-confirmed with stuck cover art in this inner page, despite "content not open for access yet".
  • FLOWER by DJ YOSHITAKA from jubeat
  • Garakuta Doll Play by t+pazolite from maimai
  • Got more raves? by E.G.G. from Groove Coaster
  • Kita Saitama 2000 from Taiko (Come on, you should know KitaSai. I am not linking this.)
We have also located a claimed official Twitter account for the collab, which tweeted a hint of an announcement tomorrow afternoon with all the games' makers, after a final check tomorrow morning.
Also the final number of shops getting first-hand access for the new collab songs is 1335, counting in some last-minute new AOU member, to a total of 3001 points (multiple cabinets of the same game in the same shop counts as one). The list of confirmed shops and locations will also be announced tomorrow.

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