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Friday, October 17, 2014

Taiko Plus - Popular Song Pack 18 and 10 Million Downloads Celebration!

Aside from arcade Taiko players, even Apple donders have something to rejoice in this week! As for several Fridays in the past, a new song pack has been released, featuring the following songs:
  • Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari
  • Wake up!
  • Tsuki to Taiyou
  • RPG
  • One Night Carnival
Highlights for the Popular Song Pack 18 (人気曲ぱっく18)  this time around include both recent arcade and console exclusives. The honorable mention goes to One Night Carnival, a returning song from the eldest Taiko games that comes back with new note patterns for each mode! Here's the new Oni chart for instance, with 24th and long mixed streams:

On top of that, the Taiko Plus app has reached the 10-million download milestone! In order to celebrate, a 2-part campaign has been issued, with the first part starting today. Part two will start instead next week, from October 23rd.

In part one, players will receive two new songs after purchasing a pack, among the limited-release Namco Original song being distributed in the past. Plus, the in-game lottery has four new outfit parts for Don-Chan's customization, which can be won only during the 10-million DL celebration. In order to make the unlock of these promo parts faster, each song cleared on Taiko Plus will award double the points for the Lottery! Grab them until you can.

Tune in next week for Part 2's new content of this milestone event!

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