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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Taiko Plus - 10 Million Downloads Celebration, part 2

As promised last week, today we are getting the last bits of promotional content for Taiko Plus's latest download milestone. Everyone is invited!

First of all, every user who has purchased a song pack for the game during the campaign's running period (from October 17th to November 4th) is automatically counted for a promotional lottery extraction, which awards free copies of the latest home console Taiko games! The prizes are 3 copies of Taiko Wii Chogouka-Ban (1 Tatakon bundle and 2 game-only) and 5 Taiko Wii U Version (2 Tatakon bundles and 3 game-only). Winners will be warned by an in-app message right after the 10-Million celebration's end.

For Taiko Plus' songlist, a song questionnaire is also being spread to every single Taiko Plus player. The most requested songs will all be put together for a special song pack, planned to release at the end of the promotional campaign.

And as a continued effort of the Gurt! collaboration, Katte Rock is made available for a limited time. The song will be removed at November 4 23:59, so make haste to download and play!

Just as a quick reminder that the 'Free Song with any song pack' deal is still on! And keep looking forward for the Special Pack's release!

In less-related RPG da-don collab news, the soon-to-be-removed-from-AC0 Sobakasu and Classical's La Campanella are newly put up for exchange.

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