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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Song of the Week! 11 October 2014

This week we had both highs and lows in the Taiko scene, and one of the lows was the removal of many other Taiko arcade staples songs. This lead us to yet another permanent licensed song deletion from any official Taiko game, our focus for this week's feature.

 maximum the hormone
Allx5 (198)x6 (261) x7 (467)x8 (839)
 Taiko 0 to 0 K, Taiko PS Vita

Yes, it's happening again; another of the first Taiko 0 licensed tunes is going to be removed from the latest arcade build next month, and much like what happened to Hacking to the Gate a few months ago, it will not be playable in any way after the removal, together with 9mm Parabellum Bullet's Atarashii Hikari. But since we already featured the latter some years ago (link), it's time to give some attention to what is probably the first nu metal/hardcore punk band on Taiko games.

Founded in 1999 in the Tokyo city of Hachioji, Maximum the Hormone (yes, that's also the name of the band) became quite relevant because of their many different approaches in their music, incorporating many elements and themes from pop, funk, ska and hardcore metal music in their nu (=new) metal-based songs. The band's four core members: Daisuke-han, Nao, Maximum the Ryo-kun and Ue-chan alternate their roles as vocalists (lead, screaming and rapping) in each of their songs, with Ue-chan being the backup singer for most of them.

maximum the hormone (the song) was released on February 7th, 2011 after the band's second hiatus in the form of a promotional video on their official website (and some time later as a Youtube video), together with the song Chiisana Kimi no Te (小さな君の手, lit. "Your Little Hands"). Said video was a plug for the incoming release of the single Greatest the Hits 2011-2011, the first album featuring the song. The cut of the song used for the promo video is also the same one used for Taiko, without the cheering crowd screams in the background. The song maximum the hormone also appears on the band's most recent studio album, the July 2013 Yoshū Fukushū, as well as in some of Bemani's popular rhythm game franchises: jubeat copious and GuitarFreaks/DrumManiaXG3.

On Taiko, it holds the record for having the third-highest notecount in the J-Pop genre's base Oni modes (Telecastic fake show is in first with 1000, with the rest of the 999-combo songs in second) thanks to the Taiko version's generous length and long note streams. Full Combo-ing this song is not easy, as the BPM and scrolling speed gradually increase throughout the song, making for several panic-inducing situations for first-time players of the song.

A year after this feature's original publishing date, maximum the hormone got a lucky revival on Taiko no Tatsujin V Version as an additional piece of downloadable content.

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