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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First Videos: October 1 update and October DonChare

Update today! Get your first videos here! And we are going to reserve this post to show tomorrow's brand new DonChare song too because, well, save space and stuff.

Before that, we have already updated the October DonChare list and some of the Ranking Dojo ranks. Check them out first if you want a sense of what it is before you get your hands on.

Now the songs! Prof. Sakemoto's two 8-bit mashups make playable appearances from today! Picopico Mappy, remix of Mappy Medley, rates at 8★ with 596 notes. More of a different selection of music altogether than a pure remix, the BPM has less fluctuation than the original, but with a few sped-up notes-plus-drumroll stanzas. Also note the balloon bonanza in the middle, if you did not like that in Balloon Trip already.

Picopico Ruin is next, a vocal-less 8-bit on the Kimidori/3DS2 favourite Sacred Ruin. The Ura Oni notechart is a 10★ with 1000 notes. The long streams are a step-up than Sacred Ruin's, with more complex patterns. I haven't found a specimen, but how suiting would this chart go with the normal version? Leave your thoughts below!

I hear some of you asking "where is the Regular chart?" Well we chose to not embed a video of that here, because the Regular Oni of Picopico Ruin is exactly the same as Sacred Ruin Oni. Check out the linked video if you want solid proof.

Yureru Pleats Jikkouiin is a comparatively calmer 8★ with 484 notes. The charts has a lot of offbeats and doubles. If that is not your thing yet, this song might serve as a good practice medium.

*check back tomorrow for Day by Day!*

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