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Friday, October 3, 2014

First capture video of Day by Day!

Apologies for the lateness as we have not been able to look for a regular capture video of this song until now! Here is Day by Day! in its full glory, a very nice, breezy Namco Original that's as fun to listen to as it is to play. The chart is an 8* Oni with 608 total notes (difficulty 3/5/7/8). Calm parts aside, the repetitive simple rhythm patterns and medium-length streams are reminiscent of a simpler time in Taiko where most high ranking Oni charts looked like this (Angel Dream, Yumeiro Coaster, Kirame Kirari etc.)

No mention on who the artist and singer are yet.

It is playable on Japanese Kimidori for those who have cleared 8 goals, and will be open to Asian Kimidori this 1st of November!

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