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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Twitter Snippets (July 5-6 2014) - Taiko no Tatsujin 3D Projection Mapping Opening Weekend Postcards

The groundbreaking Taiko no Tatsujin 3D Project Mapping event in the Nagasaki theme park resort Huis Ten Bosch opens this weekend! Takemoto of Taiko Team is responsible to be at the resort for the opening weekend to look over matters of the exhibit, and he has been busy tweeting it out also!

Above is the official PV of the exhibit. Just look at how the center tower demolishes to show an enormous Don-chan behind!
Takemoto is early to the site on Saturday, before the first opening after sundown. The mansion on the left will be the screen, and the tent (covering the cabinets until sundown) on the right is where people will be playing.
Over here we can see the tent design, with Don-chan and Kat-chan in various collaboration outfits, including the Castella cake, the Nagasaki-style Champon, and two signature buildings in the resort.
A Namco side note: Pac-man is also here in Nagasaki for the Game Kingdom event. Thanks and good luck watching over the entrance to the Game Museum!
Approaching the 19:45 opening time, the tent is removed. Any minute now...
And here it is! Let's Don!
The exhibit such is a great success, attracting so many watchers!
And in case you are wondering how a "11m high, 53m wide" wall of a screen feels like, here is it in perspective with Takemoto standing next to it (with permission from the resort).
After a successful first night of operation, Takemoto stayed at the resort's hotel. The garden's flower bed is so beautiful in the morning after a night's drizzle.
Before he leaves Nagasaki, Takemoto visits more of the Game Kingdom event, and having lunch over an old arcade cabinet. Fancy!

For information about the Projection Mapping exhibit, see the dedicated info page.

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