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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Twitter Snippets (31 July 2014) - Silver Forest's future Taiko song

Touhou music circle Silver Forest isn't surely a stranger to the Taiko lore, being behind the creation of Taiko 0 default Namco Original Chiheisen no Aeolia and -of course- Kero⑨destiny from the Touhou Arrange project.

What is unheard of is, instead, the announcement of another brand new Namco Original in form of a tweet, being also re-twitted by the Taiko Team as well! According to Silver Forest's official website, their latest commissioned song for Taiko games will be called Mugen no Sora (夢幻の蒼空), featuring SAYA as the female vocalist. This song will be also featured on Silver Forest's next CD as well, debuting in the coming Comic Market expo from August 15~17!

On the tweet above there's also the link for a generous extract from the song, so go and give it a shot!

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