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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Taiko Plus - Introducing the Donder! Japan Playoff Pack 2

While we are waiting for today's introductory Taiko Team stream about both the least arcade tourney's impressions and our first steps into the Kimidori firmware build, Taiko i-players can now please their drumming needs with another tournament-related pack.

In a nutshell, the yesterday-released Donder! Japan Playoff Pack 2 (ドンだー!日本一決定戦ぱっく2) brings in all the other CreoFuga songs from last year's tournament which weren't included in the first one, featuring both the three Phase 1 songs (originally available on Taiko Plus as limited-play songs) and the three Phase 3 songs (which were previously featured on Taiko 3DS 2's first DLC song packs). That's a lot of stuff for 600 Yen!

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