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Monday, July 21, 2014

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS2 Story Mode Data: Costumes and Items

**Incomplete as of now. Do tell us if you have more information!**

The combination of head and body costumes worn by Don-chan gives additional powers to Don-chan and his team.

Lightning Afro (かみなりアフロ)
Increase health cap of all Yokai Type
Lightning Taiko (かみなりたいこ)
Increase health cap of all Yokai Type
Warrior Helmet (武者かぶと)
Increase attack of all Yokai Type
Warrior Armor (武者よろい)
Increase attack of all Yokai Type
Thief Mask (ほっかむり)
Increase attack of all Nature Type
Farming (はたけしごと)
Increase attack of all Nature Type
Ninja (ニンジャ)
Increase in chance of critical attack
Shuriken (しゅりけん)
Increase in chance of critical attack
Side Ponytail (サイドポニー)
Slightly increase health cap for everyone
Temple Robe (みこはかま)
Slightly increase health cap for everyone
Auspicious Wear (めでたいくまで)
More gold received after battles
Small Deer (こじか)
Reduce in damage taken
Flower Garland (はなかざり)
Enemies less likely to attack even when hitting 可s and 不可s
Halloween Hat (ハロウィンぼうし)
Increase health cap of all Mythical Type
Halloween Dress (ハロウィンドレス)
Increase health cap of all Mythical Type
Devil Head (デビルヘッド)
Increase attack of all Mythical Type
Devil Wings (デビルウイング)
Increase attack of all Mythical Type
Tree Stump (きりかぶ)
Increase health cap of all Nature Type
Unknown Tree (この木なんの木)
Increase health cap of all Nature Type
Laurel Wreath  (げっけいじゅ)
Increase attack of all Sky Type
Wings of Icarus (イカロスのつばさ)
Increase attack of all Sky Type
Iron Helmet (てつのかぶと)
Slightly increase attack for everyone
Wooden Shield (きのたて)
Slightly increase attack for everyone
Princess Hair (ひめヘアー)
Give more EXP when no notes are missed
Princess Dress (ひめドレス)
Give more EXP when no notes are missed
Autumn Forest Friends (秋のもりのなかま)
Enemies less likely to attack even when hitting 可s and 不可s
Jibanyan (ジバニャン)
Full Body
Increase health cap and attack for all Yokai Type

One-use items can be obtained from shops/merchants, chests as well as dropped in battle. Common types include recovery spray, status boost items and skill books.

Recovery Spray (かいふくやく)Recover a little health for all friendly monsters
Recovery Spray 2 (かいふくやく2)Recover moderate health for all friendly monsters
Recovery Spray 3 (かいふくやく3)Fully recover all friendly monsters
Name Plate (なまえプレート)Rename a friendly monster
Power Ofuda (ちからのおふだ)Increase attack of one Yokai Type monster
Life Ofuda (いのちのおふだ)Increase health cap of one Yokai Type monster
Level Ofuda (レベルのおふだ)Give 1 level up to one Yokai Type monster
Power Tail (ちからのしっぽ)Increase attack of one Mythical Type monster
Life Tail (いのちのしっぽ)Increase health cap of one Mythical Type monster
Level Tail (レベルのしっぽ)Give 1 level up to one Mythical Type monster
Power Sprout (ちからのめぐみ)Increase attack of one Nature Type monster
Life Sprout (いのちのめぐみ)Increase health cap of one Nature Type monster
Level Sprout (レベルのめぐみ)Give 1 level up to one Nature Type monster
Power Kelp (ちからコンブ)Increase attack of one Water Type monster
Defense Kelp (まもりコンブ)Increase health cap of one Water Type monster
Level Kelp (レベルコンブ)Give 1 level up to one Water Type monster
Power Feather (ちからのハネ)Increase attack of one Sky Type monster
Life Feather (いのちのハネ)Increase health cap of one Sky Type monster
Level Feather (レベルのハネ)Give 1 level up to one Sky Type monster
Power Screw (ちからのネジ)Increase attack of one Mech Type monster
Life Screw (いのちのネジ)Increase health cap of one Mech Type monster
Level Screw (レベルのネジ)Give 1 level up to one Mech Type monster
Power Nectar (ちからのミツ)Increase attack of one Insect Type monster
Life Nectar (いのちのミツ)Increase health cap of one Insect Type monster
Level Nectar (レベルのミツ)Give 1 level up to one Insect Type monster
Power Meat (ちからのおにく)Increase attack of one Dino Type monster
Life Meat (いのちのおにく)Increase health cap of one Dino Type monster
Level Meat (レベルのおにく)Give 1 level up to one Dino Type monster
Anyone's Power (だれでもパワー)Increase attack of any one monster
Anyone's Life (だれでもライフ)Increase health cap of any one monster
Level Spirit (レベルたましい)Give 1 level up to any one monster
Hyper Spirit (ハイパーたましい)Give 5 levels up to any one monster
Friendship Spirit (なかよしたましい)Increase friendship rank of any one monster
Gurt! (グルト!)Give 5 levels up to any one monster

Important Items
A sub-category of items are ones that are crucial to the main story line and/or certain side quests. These items cannot be used at will. When it is time to use one, a yes/no confirmation dialogue will appear.

Tikkun's Long Hand (チックンのながいはり)Tikkun's parts (1/7)
Tikkun's Gear (チックンのはぐるま)Tikkun's parts (2/7)
Tikkun's Short Hand (チックンのみじかいはり)Tikkun's parts (3/7)
Tikkun's Spring (チックンのぜんまい)Tikkun's parts (4/7)
Tikkun's Number-plate (チックンのもじばん)Tikkun's parts (5/7)
Time Battery (じかんでんち)Tikkun's parts (6/7)
Blue Bird (青い鳥)Return to lady outside palace (Ch. 2) (1/2)
Brown Bird (茶色い鳥)Return to lady outside palace (Ch. 2) (2/2)
Secret Potion Recipe (ひやくのつくりかた)Return to Elize (Ch. 2) (1/2)
Bitter-shroom (ニガキノコ)Stun Giganto Rex to start Ch. 3 boss battle
Flammable Water (もえるみず)Start plane to enter Mirage Island (Ch. 6)
Security Card (セキュリティーカード)Grant access to Ch. 6 boss battle chamber
Ancient Key (こだいのカギ)Opens silver chests
Futuristic Key (みらいのカギ)Open gold chests
Sand-shroom (スナキノコ)Return to Elize (Ch. 2) (2/2)

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