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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (31 July 2014) - Kimidori's Summer-styled Donchare

The monthly arcade feature will return from tomorrow for the latest Taiko arcade firmware! Let's see what is going to be delivered this time...

As previously mentioned in the past blog entries, Kimidori Version's first Don Challenge unlockable song will be strictly related to summer. With that said, what can fill the bill better than Azu♪'s latest addition to his 'Season Dragon' song cycle? 

The brand-new Namco Original Karyu (夏竜 ~Karyu~) will be August's Donchare prize, after achieving 8 out of the usual 10 challenges. For a preview clip of the song, you can either check the original blog entry or directly click here. Will it hold an Ura mode since Day 1, just like what happened to Haryu before it?

Now, on to the monthly outfit. The Kigurumi costume combination below is available only for those who are active on the Taiko arcades next month; the Summer Vacation (夏休み) body part will be an August-only purchasable item at the Rewards Shop, while the Straw Hat (麦わらぼうし) head part is unlocked by playing One Piece songs playing once on Kimidori arcades on August.

That's all for this week, but the next one is even merrier! Aside from the usual Thursday blog entry from the Taiko Team, there will be another one on the previous day -Wednesday 6th- shortly after Kimidori Version's first software update. See you there!

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