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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Made By You: Entrance and more

We're back with another 3 maps! As always, keep sending in those charts.

A song from mobile rhythm game Cytus returns! Entrance was known as the hardest song in Cytus at initial release (updates have since provided harder songs). There are secret variations of the track available on Cytus as well; simply slide the wings on either side of the title into the center to access hidden difficulties.

The version above is the standard playable version, and tetsutaro's given it a full 10* treatment. With speed and tricky clusters that require handswitching, it lives up to the difficulty set by it's game of origin. Beware of the extremely long stream at the chorus!

Tatsh gets another song here, but surprisingly it hasn't been put into any rhythm game as of yet. Fuushikaden, or 'Style and the Flower', is a standalone track in Tatsh's doujin album, 'FAR EAST OF EAST II'. Song-wise, it sounds very similar to Kachoufuusetsu from beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD, as both songs were done under Tatsh's 'Byakko' alias.

As a traditional music-styled fast-paced electronic song, it lends itself to a difficult chart befitting of its drum track. crystalsuicune has pushed the chart to the limit, making it a tough 10*.

The final song here comes from a unique source: a web animation series! RWBY tells the tale Ruby Rose, a prospective Huntress who can harness the power of 'Dust' to drive back malevolent creatures known as 'The Grimm'. It follows Ruby as she learns to work with her team and hone her powers.

'this will be the day' is the opening theme to RWBY, and is a hard rock song that wouldn't seem out of place in an anime. With fast, short clusters befitting of a rock song, it sits comfortably at a 8*.

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