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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Taiko 3DS2 Update Post

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS 2 box art

The hype period starts for 3DS2! Spoiler alert for whoever wants to discover game details by themselves.

Total number of updates: 21
21. Official release day is here! And possibly the last news for this update post is the autoplay video for the 4☆ Oni chart of Let It Go ~Ari no Mama de~.

----------June 26 2014----------

20. Once again from Plurk, we now know that Doron is unlocked at 565 Don Points, surprisingly higher than Detarame. Also there is a stamp goal for getting 100% 可 hits, a twist on the normal Donderful Combo for a change!

-------------25 June, 2014-----------------

19. Screenshot of DLC packs available. In addition to the CreoFUGA 3-song pack and Frozen's Let It Go, there is an additional Tamagotchi pack which contains a set of Tamagotchi costumes and the song GO-GO Tamagotchi. Let It Go's difficulty has been confirmed as 2/2/2/4 stars on each difficulty.

18. Also note that a bug has been found in the software. It does not affect gameplay, but is worth to know. Example video

17. Detarame is unlocked at 445 Taiko Points, with reference to this plurk.

16. The same Plurk also testifies that friendly monsters/teammates can gain special skill effects when your relationship rank (なかよしランク) is raised to high levels. Nobunaga, for example, learns Samurai Soul by reaching Soulmate (心の友), which gives great attack power boosts to himself each time he attacks (only for that battle).

15. Modifiers in this game are unlocked not from the usual crown totals, but from Taiko Point totals (from clearing stamp album goals). This plurk tells us Reverse/Abekobe is unlocked at 260 Taiko Point and Triple Speed/Sanbai at 385.


14. Just like for the 7/11 promotional content, Japanese gaming website Dengekionline.com offers to its readers a special QR code which will unlock a different version of the monster 'Orochi of the Ocean' (タイカイノオロチ) for the Story mode, with different colors and higher starting level than the regular one normally met in the game. Plus, claiming this gives Don-chan an immediate boost of 3 level-ups! Just scan the QR code in the supplied link with your Taiko 3DS copy and you're all set!

-------------24 June, 2014-----------------
13. First video of Taiko 3DS 2's complete songlist in the Song Selection mode (barring DLC content), with the addition of all the Oni mode ratings, Ura modes and Stamp list. Here are the most notable features:
  • The song genres' order is a little bit different from the previous Taiko games. From the Right side of the Random Song button to its left we have J-Pop, Vocaloid, Variety, Namco Original, Game Music, Classic and Anime.
  • Like for the new IA song, the subtitle for all the Vocaloid tunes only quote the creator and not the Vocaloid voices being used.
  • The Variety genre has an additional song called Katte Rock (買ってロック), but for some weird reason it hasn't been advertised in any of the official news sources and promo materials about the game. Even Taiko 3DS 2's boxart fails to mention this elusive song's presence!
  • Only the first form of boss song Time to dine can be selected to play in the usual Song Selection mode, while the second part (simply named 'Time to dine II') will be playable only for the final boss fight.
  • This time around, the Stamp list has 119 achievements, complete with the criteria required to unlock them and featuring the consequent unlocks. As the video shows, the only songs and Ura modes that can be unlocked were already spotted before (alongside with the already-known returning Uras), locking the number of in-cartridge tracks to 62, always excluding the future DLC packs.
So, ... that's about it. The only things missing are the star rating for the new songs (and the revived ones), as well for the Oni videos. While we are waiting those, the Song List and Unlock pages of this game are getting updated with all the unlockable songs and Ura Oni very soon!
12. First Autoplay video of Donkama 2000. It's interesting to notice that for the first console port of the song, the last note is made visible all the time, unlike in the arcades!
11. First video of Purupuru Simple (?/?/?/8), the first Namco Original by musical unit Her Ghost Friend. Watch out for the insane scrolling speed! 652 notes on Oni.
10. First video of Time to dine (?/?/?/9), the theme song for the Time Dyne Professor, Taiko 3DS 2's main villain in the Story mode. 743 notes for the Oni mode.
9. First video of Sacred Ruin (?/?/?/9), supposedly the first Taiko song by Tatsuya Shimizu on Taiko under the Tatsh alias. Once we see a Credits Roll video with the creators, we'll find out if he's the actual creator! 876 notes for its 9-star Oni mode.
8. The Taiwanese player has posted another couple of videos, this time about the Story Mode's last segment. While in Part 1 we learn that composer Linda AI-CUE has become canon to the Taiko games universe for a challenge involving Donkama 2000 (and its unlock), Part 2 shows the final songs being unlocked for the Story mode: The Carnivorous Carnival and the 2-part new Namco Original Time to dine. It's currently unclear if both the forms of the song can be selected for regular play. 61/60
7. Further unlocks for the game's Story Mode include Namco Originals Metal Police, Zastohl no Madousho, a brand new tune called Oresama Pirates (オレサマパイレーツ) (a sequel to Taiko Wii 3's Ikasama Pirates, perhaps?) and Nightmare Survivor. 59/60
6. The early Taiwanese player has started playing the game's Story Mode extensively, in order to unlock the tunes used for the boss fights. The first three unlocks are Classic song Funiculì Funiculà and Namco Originals Lightning Passion and Chata's Reviver. 55/60
-------------23 June, 2014-----------------
5. The latest addition to the infamous 2000 series, Donkama 2000, has been confirmed to be unlockable through the game's Story mode. 54/60
4. The new Classic song Dokadoka has a 10-star Oni mode which is filled to the brim with really long clusters! With 1000 notes, it's also the new notecount champion for the Classic genre. Star ratings for the other modes are still unknown.
3. First video of super star shooter (?/?/?/8), blue marble's first contribution to Taiko games in form of a brand new Namco Original. 654 notes on Oni mode.
2. kemu's Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari has 9* on Oni and a 9* Ura Oni (?/?/?/9/9). The Ura Oni has 753 notes as shown in the screenshot above. It is unlocked, quite unprecedentedly, by simply playing the song's regular Oni chart once. No more maxing out the Taiko Counter for Uras!
1. A Taiwanese player managed to get his hands on the game, breaking the street date by four days. Let the furage (flying get) begin! 53/60
-------------22 June, 2014-----------------

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