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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Taiko 3DS2: Limited Outfit and Friendly Monster from 7-11's SevenSpot

More collab news! By bringing your 3DS (with Taiko 3DS2 of course) to one of 15,000 7-11 convenience stores that has the SevenSpot corner, you can download exclusive content when accessing the Nintendo Zone.

The first phase gives out a 7-11 branded outfit for Don-chan, available from July 1 09:00~July 15 08:59.

Right after the conclusion of Phase 1 is Phase 2, giving out the friendly monster Seven Cat for use in Story Mode. A recolor of Nekomata Saburou, this alt has the special skill of recovering all team members when attacking. Would be useful when your health is low! Get him before July 31 08:59!

Technically you could have hanged out at one such store on July 15 around nine, and you can get both in one go. Have fun!

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