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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (June 5 2014) - It's Tomorrow! June 6 Livestream: More Details

Another livestream is upon us! No more than 30 hours as of the writing of this, Taiko Team will host another Nicovideo-exclusive livstream show. It's high time we do an overall review on tomorrow's expected topics!

Date and time: June 6 (tomorrow!) 19:30
Link: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv180923709

Point 1: First ever! Etou's Kitchen: The Tasting
As decided last stream, Etou will make and share his culinary works with hosts and guests. The theme, decided just the previous weekend, is "Super Stamina-don". Learn it to replenish stamina for the finals next week!

Point 2: Linda in Person! The Donkama 2000 Retrospective
Let all the rage Donkama 2000 has brought to the Donder community rises further across the scene as Linda AI-CUE, creator of the 2000 Series appears on the stream and talks about the song, charts, strategies and more. If time allows there might even be some much juicier bits...?

Point 3: Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS2 Special Part 2
If you liked the gameplay elements you saw last time, stay tuned for exclusive info on the song list, especially on the Namco Original front!

Point 4: Showdown Imminent! Finalist Interviews Part 2
Hear more from the finalists of the National Tournament 2013, from the mundane like their favourite food, to the sublime like the trick up their sleeves!

List of interviewees (order by area, not necessarily order of appearance)
Ezomori of Tohoku B
Bee of North Kanto
Nayuku of Saitama
Soro of Chiba
The Great Demon's Alliance Army General of Tokyo B (really?)
Rinne of Tokai A
Yukihiro? of Tokai B
Himenyan of Kinki A
Kuroino! of Kinki B
Yosuga of Kyushu B
Mikyuro of Okinawa

Point 5: Back for More! Everybody's Challenge @ NicoLive
Same as last time, the more comment the show receives, the better rewards you get from the challenge! Are you ready to type like crazy? (not really)

Rewards List
10,000 - Free special Twitter Icon
20,000 - 500-point discount on Snail (head) in AC0 Rewards Shop
30,000 - Free special title part for AC0
50,000 - Free special smartphone wallpaper
76,500 - Etou wears Tatsudon T-shirt to National Tournament 2013 Finals
87,600 - Tatsudon DLC for 3DS2
100,000 - Limited early bird unlock of Stage 0 ac.11 in AC0 Momoiro

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