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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (June 26 2014, 1 of 2) - Kimidori de Indenai!

Put down your 3DS2 for the time being, because it is time for the weekly Namco Taiko Blog. Today's first entry of the double update is all about Kimidori ver.!

First and foremost, in all due respect of large yellow-green typeface:

Taiko no Tatsujin Kimidori ver.
In Service from July 16 (Wed.)!
(subject to individual shops)

That is only half a month away! Mark your calendars in advance so as not to miss it!

Exact details of the transaction (including data transfer, new songs, new rewards and new mechanics) will be delivered in future blog posts, so stay tuned to that also!

Some downer first: there will be no DonChare from July onwards, until Kimidori is well set in place. In return, expect a summery new song when it returns!

Also the Ranking Dojo will close for business at 2am, July 9. That is when the Momoiro ranks are settled, and new title parts will be given for the when Kimidori kicks in! Make your move now to secure a better rank and title!

One more thing is that Taiko Team is hosting another livestream across the night of transition! Go Allnight de Indenai with Etou and co. live, from July 15 20:00 onwards.

Livestream link

Here is the agenda:
Part 1 (approx. 20:00~23:00)

  • The Green Prelude! Kimidori ver. Special: New songs, new mechanics galore! And what about the first update I hear?
  • 3DS2 Special: Times in life you find yourself in need of a standing drum mascot to get you going. Bring you game to the stream!
  • The National Tourney 2013 Retrospective: Certainly not memorable just for spanning over a year, Etou and co. recounts on moments of ups and downs.
Part 2 (approx. 23:30~10:00 next day)
  • The unbearable lightness of undecidedness.

...Seriously though, it's more or less of a celebration party towards the new version. Stay tuned as more is decided!

We are not holding you from your precious 3DS2 any longer with a closing call to stay tuned for everything. Now continue your quest with Don... Incoming post by Light Type Daifuku later? OK, maybe hold on a little more.

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