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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Girls Pop Mania Original Soundtrack: Expected August 13

As per the title, Namco once again commissioned Clarice Disc to release another mini soundtrack album. And this time the content is a little unfamiliar.

And by the I mean all the songs are not yet heard in public, two of which we haven't even heard the name! The Girls Pop Mania (ガールズポップマニア) original soundtrack features the following four songs, each in four versions: the original, one with Muzukashii notes, one with Oni notes and one off-vocal karaoke version:

  • super star shooter
  • ぷるぷるしんぷる / Puru Puru Simple
  • 電子ドラムの達人 / Denshi-drum no Tatsujin NEW!
  • カラメルタイム☆ / Caramel Time☆ NEW!
In addition to blue marble and Her Ghost Friend's songs confirmed to be in 3DS2, this soundtrack will also feature the works of two more artist groups, respectively Phenotas (ふぇのたす) and Tanqun (たんきゅん). Check out their main sites for their profiles and discographies, via the links above!

There are still much to confirm for the soundtrack and the songs: What will the album jacket design be? Will the last two songs be in 3DS2 and/or Kimidori? We will have to see.

This OST is slightly more expensive than the Sotsu Omeshiki OST, at 1,200 yen plus 96 yen tax (of course, with four more tracks). The first printing will include a Donko coaster as a bonus gift.

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