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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

First video of Taiko 3DS 2's Demo Version

From today, Japanese Nintendo 3DS users can try out the new portable Taiko game with the download of a demo version! Here is a gameplay video of all the stuff being featured.

Just like for the first Taiko 3DS game's demo, this one already features one of the full release's many secret songs! Sampling Masters AYA's Lightning Passion will make its return on console games as one of the first boss fight tunes of the game's story mode.

EDIT: Clearer lineout from Nicovideo. Thanks to crystalsuicune for finding it!


  1. The only way to play in occident is with the Gateway. I want this NOW!!

  2. Well, i bought jp3ds for these titles. It may not expensive as gateway plus 3ds. You can buy titles by visa credit card in eshop.

  3. The first Taiko 3DS doesn't have a digital version though, good luck finding one