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Monday, June 2, 2014

First video of Donkama 2000

Warning: watching the above video will leave you in awe and terror.

The 19th 2000 series song, Donkama 2000 was released as June's Don Challenge song (and July for the Asian region machines!), and it is made up of pure madness, being arguably the 3rd 2000 song to employ extreme gimmicks in its Oni chart (the first two being Hataraku 2000 and Suuhaa 2000).

Almost EVERY SINGLE NOTE in the Oni chart has a different scrolling speed, and while it actually is not that difficult aside from the dense Don streams, the major hurdle to overcome in Donkama 2000 is the complete lack of readability. Yet another chart which I'm sure will divide players into two: those who think it is a terribly designed chart and those who think it is a sadistic masterpiece.

The title is based on the 1963 rhythm machine DONCA MATIC released by electronic instrument company Korg.

A more detailed guide will be up at the 2000 series page when we get more information. Look forward to it!

EDIT: Replaced with clearer capture vid and much better audio. Still pretty sure not a single person has passed the Oni chart yet.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSxgDLBc4VE
    Silver (しるば) cleared it just a little bit after the post was made

  2. Tip: Almost every Katsu note is on beat